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In 2007 we began building bikes in my mom’s garage, we sold our first bike in 2010 and steadily we’ve been growing our catalog one model at a time. All bikes are handmade and made to order.  We have 11 models in every size, learn more about each one following.





Bamboo is one of the strongest materials in nature, it can withstand up to 1ton/cm2 of compression force, this is twice the tolerance of steel. Bamboo is also lighter, making it ideal for bicycle construction. Other incredible quality is that it absorbs as much as x4 more vibrations than carbon fiber, making our bikes, the smoothest bicycles (ideal for long rides). Neither bamboo nor carbon fiber are subject to fatigue. Your bike can endure daily use and falls without losing its strength.

In comparison, it takes up to 15 years for a regular pine tree to grow and produce lumber, for bamboo its only 3 years, making it a very renewable source. Naturally bamboo generates 30% more oxygen than trees, this helps break down Co2 generated by cars.

For a smooth, reliable and ecofriendly ride, choose bamboo!




Bamboocycles: Best Industrial design Chapter México: winner Diego Cardenas. Every two years di_mad Central de Diseño and the Spanish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation organize a design competition that covers four categories, a panel of experts judge several entries and pick a winner for each country and category.


Quorum 10

An event organized by designers for designers awards the best in several categories. In 2010 the Racer bicycle was prized with best transportation design.


Microbac Fatigue Certificate

Bamboocycles has certified its Racer frame according to United States industry standard by Microbac (testing company), running extensive tests consisting of 150 thousand stress cycles.


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Jacobo ArvizuJacobo Arvizu
21:51 29 Jul 22
The best bicycle that I’ve ever owned!!! Truly a masterpiece in terms of looks, durability and performance. I get so many nice comments riding around the city and this bike is my preferred method of transport! Thank you one million times Bamboocycles!!!
Leandro MartinezLeandro Martinez
13:40 19 Jul 22
TREMENDO! Una tremenda experiencia, van dos bicis que me construyo en los talleres HTM, y voy por más! 😍💪
Nicholas WestNicholas West
03:20 19 Jul 22
The Whatsapp posted on the website was really responsive and accommodating. Any customizations you want on the bike, they can do. They let me order a Durango with a smaller oval chainring than the standard model, no extra charge. The bike came in parts (I understand this is common practice in the cyclist community, but I am not very skilled mechanically) so I got someone else to set it up for me and they put the fork on backwards. I texted the guy and he noticed the problem right away, which was very helpful and saved me a trip to the mechanic. Would recommend.EDIT: One thing I forgot, there's a $200 tariff COD when shipping to the US, that you won't be informed of until your bike arrives. This isn't really the guy's fault, though, it's the the CBP's fault, so I don't dock points from the review.
Georgina Pérez SlaterGeorgina Pérez Slater
03:07 19 Jul 22
1. ¡La mejor atención ever!2. La mejor calidad, de verdad quede enamorada con los acabados de mi Bamboo cycle.3. Llevo ya 3 años con ella y funciona a la perfección en diferentes ambientes. Playa, ciudad y campo. ❤️‍🔥
Diego AguerreDiego Aguerre
22:52 18 Jul 22
Es difícil de explicar la satisfacción que da tener un marco de bicicleta hecho por tus propias manos. Aprender a usar la resina y fibra de carbono para lograr un elemento tan único y tan propio. Tremenda experiencia! Todo genial de principio a fin
Rodrigo ElizaldeRodrigo Elizalde
19:47 18 Jul 22
Excelente trato, siempre super amables. Mi bicicleta quedó FABULOSA, cumplieron todos mis gustos y necesidades !!!
Stephanie HillStephanie Hill
19:24 18 Jul 22
Buenísima la experiencia de taller Hazlo Tu Mismo en Santiago de Chile. Es de verdad una actividad emocionante! en tres días fabricas tu propio cuadro de bicicleta de bambú , hecho a tu medida y con tus propias manos. Gracias de nuevo!
18:49 18 Jul 22
I have a single speed beautiful bamboo road bike! Bamboocycles exceeded my expectations with such a reliable bike. The long rides are gentle and comfortable. The frame is not only beautiful but strong and good in weight. Im absolutely in love with my bike. Thank you Bamboocycles!! You Rock.
Diego Gerena-QuinonesDiego Gerena-Quinones
17:26 18 Jul 22
Beautiful hand crafted bikes. Confortable, stylish, unique. Nothing quite feels like bamboo and the team here is extremely talented and easy to work with! I own a few bamboo bikes including fixed gear, cargo and MTB
Maria ViloriaMaria Viloria
20:56 23 May 22
My partner and I booked the tour thru Chapultepec forest on the bamboo bikes. Our guide Nat was awesome at giving us the history of the park and some interesting legends about it. She was knowledgeable enough to answer our questions and also gave us great tips on museums and foods/places to try. Super charming personality and great picture taking skills!!! The forest itself is such a great place to spend time on!Nat asked for our height the day before in order to have a few bikes for us to try before heading out. We got to ride on a quiet street for a bit before choosing our bike and helmets for the tour.Now let's talk about the bikes: we fell in love with them. They are so beautiful and comfortable. Truly a piece of art. We are seriously considering returning soon to Mexico City for a build your own bike workshop!In the meantime, highly recommend this tour and these bikes!
Jeremy TennisJeremy Tennis
23:48 12 Apr 22
Happy US customer here! I’m in the northeast US and was skeptical about ordering due to potential customs holds or late hidden shipping/customs fees from carriers. I ended up ordering a medium Ajusco frame and fork. Total time from placing the order until it arrived on my doorstep was about 2 months which I don’t think is bad at all. Any custom frame built out of any material takes time to process and build. Shipping time was about 7 business days. There were no holds or last minute hidden fees once it shipped.The quality of the frame and fork looks amazing. It’s really a piece of art. It seems very sturdy and well constructed. I have not added components yet so I can’t comment on the ride but hey I’m happy even just looking at it for now.Another plus is their communication. Any questions or concerns I had, Diego got back to me right away. I highly recommend the crew at Bamboocycles. Great job! Thanks again!
Peter KlannPeter Klann
23:31 20 Oct 21
Excellent bicycles! Great ride, eye catching appearance, easy to assemble. I have been riding for many years and have high expectations about the quality of my bikes. These exceed expectations. We bought two Tulum's and are very pleased with them. Thanks Diego.
Sergio SuSergio Su
03:01 01 Jun 21
He tenido 2 y excelentes! soy muy fan de mi LOMA! con ella salgo diario por la ciudad ya rutas largas. Le llamo "Nube voladora" porque me lleva volando a todas partes!
Tete GarcíaTete García
01:45 09 Sep 20
An excellent place, very friendly and knowledgeable staff. I also love bamboo 😍
Tete GarcíaTete García
01:45 09 Sep 20
Un lugar excelente, el personal muy amable y experto. Además amo al bambú 😍
Amadeo MedinaAmadeo Medina
20:47 23 Sep 18
Qué bonitas bicis
Raul RomoRaul Romo
16:54 31 Jul 16
The shop is excellent and the staff even more so. These innovative bikes are the ultimate. This is a gem of a place.