Since 2008

It started as as winter break personal project that later became a company that exports worldwide.


From Mexico to the World, we ship WORLDWIDE.


We offer DIY Workshops for building frames, anyone who wants to learn can sign up.


If you want something special for your bike, just give us a call and we’ll do our best to fulfill your dream bike.


We offer Full Service Maintenance, this includes mechanical service as well as aesthetical maintenance.

Bamboocycles is a company that designs and  fabricates bicycle frames made out of bamboo and carbon fiber joints. We put together bicycles for road, urban and mountain cycling. We source our raw materials locally. We also teach people how to build their own bicycles on weekend workshops.

How did we get here.

Bambooccycles was born in Mexico City in 2008, Diego A. Cárdenas Landeros with the support of people looking for ways to improve their quality of life participate in this inspiring and transforming project.

We are young group from different backgrounds and disciplines. We do this because we want to live in a less polluted world, boost creativity in people, –

improve quality of life through health, promote the use of natural renewable raw materials and spread the word about them and also support the growth of mexican industry.

We back up and sponsor events and movements that aim to build citizenship and bicycle culture through the use of bicycles. We want to address problems in our local reach.

Diego learned about the existence of bamboo bicycles and decided to build one for himself. Watching people’s positive reaction to the bike, he decides to start a company that would build them. After a while,  the workshop becomes a group activity among strangers whose goal is to build a functional product in a weekend , where a special value bike is built, a special relationship between product and user is created. Today,  more than 300 bikes have been build in this itinerary workshop.

Hi, I’m Diego Cárdenas, Industrial Designer, entrepreneur, traveller, bike rider, built my first bamboo bike in 2007 and discovered that it was a great experience that should be shared with others, and she is Perla.