Step by Step

FIRST, THE GEOMETRY, if you already have a FIT (dimensions for your custom bike), send it by mail to with your full name. If you don’t have a FIT and you want it done, write to us to schedule your appointment in Mexico City or locally we can help you to find someone who can do it for you. Otherwise, you can choose the Geometry and Size we have available.

SECOND, THE ASSEMBLY. According to the geometry you have chosen, for example, MTB, Road or Gravel, we have options for forks/suspensions, transmissions, brakes and other features that you can choose below.

THIRD, THE MANUFACTURING. Once your order is confirmed, we will call you to confirm all the information and start the manufacturing, the construction time is 30 days. We will send you pictures of the progress and once your bike is finished, we will pack it and send it to where you have ordered it. You can also pick it up directly at our workshop in CDMX.

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of your dreams, start by selecting the frame, then choose the size of the frame (we can use your height to approximate it), then pick a transmision, fork and brakes. Finally pick the color or leave it carbon fiber finish and add accesories.

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