Chamaco (BMX R20)

USD $999USD $1,197


The bike of your childhood, the one of your adventures, of your falls, of your tricks, with which you explore the neighborhood, with which you express your creativity, your individuality.

Technical Specifications

Setup // Single Speed Coaster Brake
Available Sizes // Unisize
Rims // R20 36H
Head Set // Over External (31.8mm)
Bottom Bracket // 113mm Sealed Bearings
Seat Post // 27.2mm Aluminium Black
Seat Clamp // 31.8mm
Stem // Over 80mm
Handle Bars // BMX
Grips // Synthetic
Saddle // BMX
Tires // R20 City
Crankset // Aluminium 39T
Fork // Cromoly R20
Brakes and levers // Front VBrake, Rear Coaster Brake


Bamboo is one of the strongest natural materials in nature.

Bamboo can withstand up to 1ton/cm2 of compression force, this is twice the tolerance of steel.Bamboo is also lighter making it ideal for bicycle construction. Other incredible quality is that it absorbs as much as x4 more vibrations than carbon fiber, making our bikes, the smoothest bicycle (ideal for long rides).Neither bamboo nor carbon fiber are subject to fatigue. Your bike can endure daily use and falls without losing its strength.It takes up to 15 years for a regular pine tree to grow, it takes bamboo as little as 3 years to reach the same level, making it a very renewable source.Naturally bamboo generates 30% more oxygen than trees, this helps break down Co2 generated by cars. It takes up to 15 years for a regular pine tree to grow, it takes bamboo as little as 3 years to reach the same level, making it a very renewable source.

50k unidirectional Carbon Fiber

+ epoxy resin, our bikes are all hand made and hand finished to perfection. This incredible material makes all the joints extremely strong yet light. Using unidirectional fibers let us design the frame’s structure, making it stronger where it needs to be.

Design Prizes and Certificates


Bamboocycles: Best Industrial design Chapter México: winner Diego Cardenas. Every two years di_mad Central de Diseño and the Spanish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation organize a design competition that covers four categories, a panel of experts judge several entries and pick a winner for each country and category.

Quorum 10

An event organized by designers for designers awards the best in several categories. In 2010 the Racer bicycle was prized with best transportation design.

Microbac Fatigue Certificate

Bamboocycles has certified its Racer frame according to United States industry standard by Microbac (testing company), running extensive tests consisting of 150 thousand stress cycles.

Questions? Please send us a messsage and will answer asap.

    All of our frames are, once finished, hand engraved with a unique serial number, this help us track our bikes.

    Quality products made one by one, paying attention to every detail. Unique pieces of functional art.

    Bamboo absorbs x4 more vibrations than full carbon fiber frames, making them the smoothest ride available, ideal for long rides.

    US based Microbac certified our frame. More than 150k cycles in 8hrs. PASSED!

    If you think Steel is strong, well bamboo is as twice in compression. When steel can handle 500kg/cm2, bamboo wins with 1,000kg/cm2!

    From Mexico City for the World. With 13 years of experience.