Chapultepec (SINGLE SPEED)

USD $1,290 USD $1,075



A relaxed joyride through Chapultepec park, a sunny day, fresh breeze, the sound of the leaves moving, its good to be alive, enjoy.
The Chapultepec is a smooth ride bike designed to cruise around the city in a relaxed fashion. Assembled as a single speed, the stylish curvy Moustache handlebar is a perfect match with you outfit and will make you back be straight. Learn more about this bike below.

Select the color of the joints, add the rear rack, water bottle clamps or personalized engraving.

Rear Rack

Want to add a rear rack, choose between a BambooRack or an Aluminium, both are very strong. Both can be unmounted by you (we use knots and bolts).

Engraving (+USD $45)

Personalize your bike by laser engraving your name, social media handle, your bike’s name, your brand, or whaterver you can think about. Add the name of a Google type you’d like to have your text engraved. We’ll engrave it on the top tube close to the seat post. Maximum size 12cm long 3cm height. Have in mind that production time increases from 15 to 30 days.
Write in the text box the message you want engraved.

Water Bottle Clamps (+USD $15)

Add up to three water bottle clamps. (Bottle + bottle holder not included)

Learn more about the Chapultepec’s setup.

Single Speed

We choose light aluminium components to assemble the Chapultepec.

Setup// Single Speed
Sizes Available // Unisize 46cm
Rims // 700 (25×622) 36H
Headset // Over (31.8mm)
Bottom Bracket // 110mm Sealed Bearing
Seta Post // 27.2mm Aluminium
Seat Clamp // 31.8mm
Stem // Over 80mm
Handlebars // Moustache Over Aluminium
Grips // Synthetic
Saddle // Comfort Brown
Tires // 700×25
Crankset // 46D Aluminium
Fork // Aluminium Over 700
Brakes and Levers // Aluminium

A 46
B 28.5
C 99
D 13
E 72
F 72
G 68
H 41
I 54

Why Bamboo?

Bamboo is one of the strongest natural materials in nature.

Bamboo can withstand up to 1ton/cm2 of compression force, this is twice the tolerance of steel.Bamboo is also lighter making it ideal for bicycle construction. Other incredible quality is that it absorbs as much as x4 more vibrations than carbon fiber, making our bikes, the smoothest bicycle (ideal for long rides).Neither bamboo nor carbon fiber are subject to fatigue. Your bike can endure daily use and falls without losing its strength.It takes up to 15 years for a regular pine tree to grow, it takes bamboo as little as 3 years to reach the same level, making it a very renewable source.Naturally bamboo generates 30% more oxygen than trees, this helps break down Co2 generated by cars. It takes up to 15 years for a regular pine tree to grow, it takes bamboo as little as 3 years to reach the same level, making it a very renewable source.

50k unidirectional Carbon Fiber

+ epoxy resin, our bikes are all hand made and hand finished to perfection. This incredible material makes all the joints extremely strong yet light. Using unidirectional fibers let us design the frame’s structure, making it stronger where it needs to be.

Prizes & Certificate


Bamboocycles: Best Industrial design Chapter México: winner Diego Cardenas. Every two years di_mad Central de Diseño and the Spanish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation organize a design competition that covers four categories, a panel of experts judge several entries and pick a winner for each country and category.

Quorum 10

An event organized by designers for designers awards the best in several categories. In 2010 the Racer bicycle was prized with best transportation design.

Microbac Fatigue Certificate

Bamboocycles has certified its Racer frame according to United States industry standard by Microbac (testing company), running extensive tests consisting of 150 thousand stress cycles.


We offer a limited 5 year warranty against fabrication defects.
This warranty is valid after the registered date on the original and stamped purchasing order. The warranty covers defects that are naturally occurring on bamboo or are presented within fabrication or assembling process in our premises. i.e. fissures, cracks, If such defects are present and are verified by bamboocycles we would repair or replace either the piece or the full frame if needed. In order to verify the claim, the affected bicycle will be analyzed by Bamboocycles or one of our approved partners to determine the validity of it. Bamboocycles S.A. de C.V, is not responsible for any defects caused by the improper use of its product, including: incorrect assembly, accessories incompatibility or general failures caused by unauthorized modification of the product. Misuse of our product will automatically void the warranty, our bicycles are designed for city use and should not be used for activities such as: mountain biking, acrobatics, etc Bamboocycles S.A. de C.V.shall not be held responsible of incidents, damages or losses caused by the incorrect use of our product. Bamboocycles S.A. de C.V will not cover partial or total payment for products that have been misplaced, stolen or damaged during shipping or transportation in any process that occurs after the product has been delivered to the original buyer. All images presented in our catalogs are there for illustrative purposes, they should not be interpreted as use suggestions or as representations of the final product. The accessories described and shown can vary without notice due to their availability in the local market. Buy buying our products you accept the terms and conditions described on this warranty. Each Bamboocycles product includes a warranty note that should be sealed and dated, we ask you to please verify this information upon receiving your product and in case of doubt or comment, please contact us at or call us (+52) 55 6280 3436.

Do you want to customize it? Send us a message

    Todos nuestro marcos son pirograbados a mano con un número de serie único.

    Productos de calidad hechos a mano y poniendo suma atención a cada detalle. Piezas únicas de arte funcional.

    Nuestro cuadros de bambú absorben hasta 4 veces más vibraciones que marcos de fibra de carbono, haciéndolo las bicicletas más suaves, ideales para viajes largos.

    La empresa norteamericana Microbac certificó a prueba de fatiga nuestros marcos. La prueba involucró más de 150k ciclos en 8hrs!

    Si crees que el acero es resistente, el bambú es el doble en compresión. Hasta 1 ton/cm2, a diferencia del acero que solo resiste 500kg/cm2.

    Desde la Ciudad de México para el mundo. Contamos con 10 años de experiencia.