Travel Bag

USD $370

Pack your bike and clothes safely inside our TRAVEL Bag. Check it in as a normal luggage and once you get where you’re going, put the bike together again, fold the bag and ride around. Free yourself from expensive airport taxis.
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[heading h=”h2″]TRAVEL WITH YOUR BICYCLE[/heading]

Travelling with your bicycle by plane or bus can be sometimes difficult. High “Sports Equipment” rates, if you travel with a case you need to store it somewhere, if you travel with a box sometimes they get so damaged that you cannot use them when going back.

With all of these in mind and more we designed the TRAVEL Bag. The Bag will contain an assembled bicycle, some tools and your travelling clothes, you only check one regular bag. Once at your destiny, just assemble your bike again, fold the bag, put it your back and start riding, leave nothing behind.

Ideal if your are traveling to various places and on a budget.

[heading h=”h2″]THE DESIGN[/heading]

With travelling with a bike in mind, we developed some ideas that we incorporated to the TRAVEL Bag.

Once you are about to check you bag, the shoulder straps hide behind the back cushion, avoiding any possible conveyor belt entangling. The straps also feature a key of speaker hanger, and a chest and waist adjustment secondary straps to make a better fit and increase stability when moving.

Inside the bag, you’ll find the bike cover, this folds in various parts holding and separating both wheels from the frame and components. The cover features several velcro straps used to secure the frame and components in place to avoid damage from friction between parts. Its also reinforced with heavy duty polyethylene films at important stress points like the wheel’s axis. The cover closes with the help of three straps.

There are two long zipper openings at the back. These were designed for reaching the two inside clothes’ bags easily. One for clean clothes and one for dirty ones.

[heading h=”h2″]THE MATERIALS[/heading]

Strength and durability. We chose Cordure for the outside of the bag, Tiburón for the inside and Loneta for the bike cover.

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