Enjoy the sun, the sand, the sea breeze and a relaxing and comfortable ride. Its geometry is set back and allows you to, sitting,  be able stand upright on the bike.

Choose the options of your preference:

Gates Carbon Drive
Personalization & Accesories


  • Brakes *

    Choose the brakes that best suit your riding style. The coaster brake allows you to ride completely hands-free. For more safety choose the V Brake.

  • Fork & Transmission *

    ForkBamboo Fork 26" x 2.125
    TransmissionSingle Speed

Gates Carbon Drive

The Gates Carbon Drive system replaces the traditional chain with a belt that is lighter, stronger, quieter and requires less maintenance.

  • Do you want your bike to have the Gates Carbon Drive system? *

    The Gates Carbon Drive belt system is clean as it needs no lubrication meaning no grease or dirt build-up and has a long service life, tests show that the Carbon Drive belt can last more than three times longer than a chain

Personalization & Accesories

We created some personalization features and accessories to complement your Bamboocycles.

  • Saddle *

    Which saddle would you like?

  • Color *

    All of our bikes are made with carbon fiber, as an option, over the carbon fiber we can apply paint. Choose the color you want us to paint the carbon fiber of your frame. If you dont pick a color the frame will be delivered in carbon fiber (black). Disclaimer: Colors may vary in brigntness and tone from your screen to the finished bike. This is normal and variations are expected.

  • Add a kickstand.

  • Racks *

  • Laser Engraving * USD $55

    Laser Engraving -- Font Family *

    0 / 20

    Type in your name, @ or whatever you want the frame to say (up to 20 characters). Pick a font and we will engrave this on the top tube, close to the seat tube on the right (crankset) side of the bike.Min: 1 charactersMax: 20 characters

  • Add front and rear fenders.

  • Water Bottle Kit * USD $45

    Kit includes clamp, holder and bottle.Max: 3

Brakes -
Fork & Transmission -
Gates Carbon Drive
Do you want your bike to have the Gates Carbon Drive system? -
Personalization & Accesories
Saddle -
Color -
Kick Stand - USD $47
Racks -
Laser Engraving - USD $55
Fenders - USD $51
Water Bottle Kit - USD $45

The Tulum is our most relaxed bike, ideal for riding around the beach town, the resort, even the sand. Your daily vacation on the beach.

Enjoy the sun, the sand, the sea breeze and a relaxing and comfortable ride. Its geometry is set back and allows you to stand upright on the bike.


A bike with a light ratio (39D – 18D) ideal for relaxed rides on the beach. Its wide 26 tires allow you to ride smoothly on the sand.

Single Speed with Coaster Brake

Aproximate weight 23 lbs



For this model, we designed a rearward geometry, which allows you to stand upright on the bike, supported by your feet, pedaling is slightly forward, providing an upright and relaxed position.


The Tulum is built with double wall aluminum rims to resist many rides, wide R26 tires for a getting a good grip on the sand, 39D chainring that in conjunction with the 18D sprocket provides a smooth pedaling displacement without much effort. The comfort saddle complements the bike, always aiming for a comfortable ride.

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Leandro MartinezLeandro Martinez
13:40 19 Jul 22
TREMENDO! Una tremenda experiencia, van dos bicis que me construyo en los talleres HTM, y voy por más! 😍💪
Georgina Pérez SlaterGeorgina Pérez Slater
03:07 19 Jul 22
1. ¡La mejor atención ever!2. La mejor calidad, de verdad quede enamorada con los acabados de mi Bamboo cycle.3. Llevo ya 3 años con ella y funciona a la perfección en diferentes ambientes. Playa, ciudad y campo. ❤️‍🔥
Diego AguerreDiego Aguerre
22:52 18 Jul 22
Es difícil de explicar la satisfacción que da tener un marco de bicicleta hecho por tus propias manos. Aprender a usar la resina y fibra de carbono para lograr un elemento tan único y tan propio. Tremenda experiencia! Todo genial de principio a fin
Rodrigo ElizaldeRodrigo Elizalde
19:47 18 Jul 22
Excelente trato, siempre super amables. Mi bicicleta quedó FABULOSA, cumplieron todos mis gustos y necesidades !!!
Stephanie HillStephanie Hill
19:24 18 Jul 22
Buenísima la experiencia de taller Hazlo Tu Mismo en Santiago de Chile. Es de verdad una actividad emocionante! en tres días fabricas tu propio cuadro de bicicleta de bambú , hecho a tu medida y con tus propias manos. Gracias de nuevo!
Sergio SuSergio Su
03:01 01 Jun 21
He tenido 2 y excelentes! soy muy fan de mi LOMA! con ella salgo diario por la ciudad ya rutas largas. Le llamo "Nube voladora" porque me lleva volando a todas partes!
Tete GarcíaTete García
01:45 09 Sep 20
Un lugar excelente, el personal muy amable y experto. Además amo al bambú 😍
Amadeo MedinaAmadeo Medina
20:47 23 Sep 18
Qué bonitas bicis

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    We offer a limited 5 year warranty against fabrication defects.
    This warranty is valid after the registered date on the original and stamped purchasing order. The warranty covers defects that are naturally occurring on bamboo or are presented within fabrication or assembling process in our premises. i.e. fissures, cracks, If such defects are present and are verified by bamboocycles we would repair or replace either the piece or the full frame if needed. In order to verify the claim, the affected bicycle will be analyzed by Bamboocycles or one of our approved partners to determine the validity of it. Bamboocycles S.A. de C.V, is not responsible for any defects caused by the improper use of its product, including: incorrect assembly, accessories incompatibility or general failures caused by unauthorized modification of the product. Misuse of our product will automatically void the warranty, our bicycles are designed for city use and should not be used for activities such as: mountain biking, acrobatics, etc Bamboocycles S.A. de C.V.shall not be held responsible of incidents, damages or losses caused by the incorrect use of our product. Bamboocycles S.A. de C.V will not cover partial or total payment for products that have been misplaced, stolen or damaged during shipping or transportation in any process that occurs after the product has been delivered to the original buyer. All images presented in our catalogs are there for illustrative purposes, they should not be interpreted as use suggestions or as representations of the final product. The accessories described and shown can vary without notice due to their availability in the local market. Buy buying our products you accept the terms and conditions described on this warranty. Each Bamboocycles product includes a warranty note that should be sealed and dated, we ask you to please verify this information upon receiving your product and in case of doubt or comment, please contact us at info@bamboocycles.com or call us (+52) 55 6280 3436.

    Todos nuestro marcos son pirograbados a mano con un número de serie único.

    Productos de calidad hechos a mano y poniendo suma atención a cada detalle. Piezas únicas de arte funcional.

    Nuestro cuadros de bambú absorben hasta 4 veces más vibraciones que marcos de fibra de carbono, haciéndolo las bicicletas más suaves, ideales para viajes largos.

    La empresa norteamericana Microbac certificó a prueba de fatiga nuestros marcos. La prueba involucró más de 150k ciclos en 8hrs!

    Si crees que el acero es resistente, el bambú es el doble en compresión. Hasta 1 ton/cm2, a diferencia del acero que solo resiste 500kg/cm2.

    Desde la Ciudad de México para el mundo. Contamos con 10 años de experiencia.